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Sounds Like Romeo Crennel Will Be Chiefs Defensive Coordinator, Too

It's getting close to being official: Romeo Crennel is going to be the Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator, too. Crennel previously said he would keep calling the defensive plays.

"I think Romeo, I'm not sure if he's stated it publicly, but I get the sense that Romeo wants to be the coordinator on defense and that that'll happen," Chiefs GM Scott Pioli said on Sirius XM NFL Radio from the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. "I don't know if he's made the absolute final decision but I'm pretty sure that's the way he wants to go."

This is really the first confirmation that Romeo will actually be the coordinator as well. (And I think a lot of people assumed this when he said he'd call the defensive plays.)

On the one hand, I think this is the right move and I'm on board with it. I'd do the same thing. The defense is the bright spot on the team and I don't want to tinker with that too much.

On the other hand, it's hard to forget all the things the Chiefs used to say about a head coach calling the plays. Remember Todd Haley giving play calling duties to Charlie Weis in 2010 and how that allowed him to "be the head coach"? And how most agreed with him? Is it different now? I'm not saying I disagree with Romeo running the defense. It's just an interesting situation when you compare the two.

There are a few interesting nuggets in Pioli's interview that we'll highlight tomorrow. (No, he didn't announce an offensive coordinator.)

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