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Looking At The Timeline For Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Carr Contracts

We've had several people ask if there's any updates on the status of Kansas City Chiefs free agents Brandon Carr and/or Dwayne Bowe. The answer, as it has been for a while, is no. There aren't any updates. The Chiefs have surely approached the reps for both players to hammer something out but I don't know where they stand in that process.

And I don't expect an update on those two anytime soon. At least not for a few more weeks.

That's because the players only real leverage here is the threat that they could leave via free agency. Are the Chiefs more likely to offer the best deal in January, with free agency seven weeks away? Or in March, with free agency only days away? Thus it may not make sense for Carr and/or Bowe to flesh out a contract ASAP when they may not have maximum leverage. And maybe one of those guys, if they're not franchised, would want to at least test the open market first, which would delay the process even further.

The first date in which the franchise tag can be applied is February 20 and it has to be used by March 5 so if one of these guys is going to get the tag it has to be within that window. Free agency starts on March 13.

I think/hope the Chiefs get something done with these guys. But I think it's gonna go down to the wire.

(Now watch, after I write this, they'll sign 'em both this week.)

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