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Bill Muir Retiring Is News To Bill Muir

So maybe Bill Muir won't be retiring.

On January 2, NFL Network's Jason La Canfora cited league sources saying Muir, the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator last season, was "likely" to retire.

Bob Gretz of spoke to Muir at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama and news of Muir's "likely" retirement was news to Muir. He is not retiring.

(Which begs the question why someone, let alone multiple people, told La Canfora he was.)

But he tells Gretz he will not be the Chiefs offensive coordinator next season. He's currently on the Chiefs staff as the offensive line coach, the position he held before Todd Haley announced his added OC duties last year during Super Bowl week. He says he's planning on staying in that position until someone tells him otherwise.

So, it sounds like Muir very well could end up staying on just as the Chiefs offensive line coach.

Check out the full report, where Gretz lays it all out with quotes from Muir.

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