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Kansas City Chiefs Weren't Very Exciting In 2011

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Confirmed: The Kansas City Chiefs were not an exciting football team to watch in 2011.

They were up and down all year, peaks and valleys, but in the end the Chiefs were one of the least exciting teams of the year, according to a company called Thuuz, which somehow, someway tries to track excitement in sporting events.

Here's what Thuuz says they do:

Thuuz rates the excitement of each game in real-time on a scale of 0-100. Select your favorite sports and teams, and we'll notify you when there's a game you won't want to miss. We'll even tell you where to tune into these games, whether you're in front of your TV, computer, phone or tablet.

It's based on their "unique algorithms", whatever that means.

Anyway, the Chiefs were the fifth least-exciting team in 2011: The top five least exciting: 1. Rams, 2. Jaguars, 3. Colts, 4. Seahawks, 5. Chiefs.

And the top five most exciting: 1. Giants, 2. Pats, 3. Panthers, 4. Raiders, 5. Lions.

....the Raiders?

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