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Where Does Jim Zorn Fit With Kansas City Chiefs In 2012?

The primary question facing the Kansas City Chiefs at this point in the team's offseason is the hole at offensive coordinator (if the reports are true that Bill Muir is going to retire). Romeo Crennel's expertise is on the defensive side as the team's new head coach, which means that whoever is named offensive coordinator is going to likely run most of the Chiefs' offensive decisions. For such an important position, there's very little in the way of news and yet it's likely to affect everything for the Chiefs going forward this offseason.

The new offensive coordinator could potentially affect a myriad of decisions -- from what the Chiefs decide to do at quarterback to some draft choices in late April's 2012 NFL Draft. Lurking behind all of these questions is one coach brought in during the midst of Todd Haley's tenure and kept after he was fired: Jim Zorn. Is it possible that Zorn will be the answer to the above question?

Zorn has head coaching experience in a short-lived stint with the Washington Redskins during the 2008-09 seasons. He has coached quarterbacks before and after that experience with a number of teams, and he currently holds that title for the Chiefs. He worked with Joe Flacco for one year in Baltimore before coming to Kansas City, and he spent 11 seasons before his Redskins gig as quarterbacks coach for the Seahawks and Lions. As a former NFL quarterback himself, he's clearly cut out for the job he's in.

But is he cut out for even more? The silence in Kansas City around the OC position makes you wonder if one of two options are true:

1. The team is waiting on a current playoff contender to end their season so their assistant coaches are available for interviews.
2. The team already has its option in house and, for some reason, is waiting to make the announcement.

Given the secrecy out of One Arrowhead Drive, it's not surprising that Chiefs fans and local media know absolutely nothing about the Chiefs plans for the position. Some solid candidates are still available on the market and Pioli and Crennel have certainly come up with a plan of attack for what's ahead. But Zorn is an intriguing name with experience as the head man along with decades of experience in analyzing an offense from the most important position on the field.

Zorn wouldn't be the sexy pick but given the Chiefs' theme of continuity this off-season, it also would not be that surprising if the team promoted Zorn as the team's offensive coordinator.

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