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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 1/21

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Good morning! The Kansas City Chiefs' latest black eye continues to be in the news. Sad.

At the start, Carl Peterson did two things extremely right - he hired a successful coach in Marty Schottenheimer and Peterson dove straight into the fans. The 12th man was important, and Peterson recognized it would be an empty Arrowhead without them.

That chemistry with the fan isn't there with the new regime and Pioli. The lipstick was put to Arrowhead in 2010, but beauty is skin deep. It comes back to the message and convincing the fan.

Pioli's memo to the fan has been scrambled eggs, not like Pioli intended.

Chiefs fans aren't your normal fans - the first tidbit Pioli should have been briefed on - because Chiefs fans want the particulars. Being mysterious in Kansas City doesn't work.

Pioli's Problem Starts With The Fan from The Examiner

It's difficult to learn, and to be reminded, that the teams you once blindly idolized-I grew up a Chiefs fan-are not filled solely with heroic athletes, but are run like businesses behind the scenes, where trade secrets and company loyalty and the bottom line are king. In Kansas City, an iron curtain descended. Employees, all the way up to the team president, were required to close their shades during practices, so they couldn't see the field and pass on vital information to-well, it's not exactly clear to whom.

Football's Information Wars from The New Yorker

Recorded an appearance w/a local TV station today. Hour later, reporter called, said Chiefs caught wind; called station. Now spot won't air.

Kent Babb on Twitter

Though the Chiefs defensive front continues to evolve, the group was able to play with more depth in 2011. Developing a line rotation helped Kansas City's big men stay fresh throughout each game and the defense, especially the linebackers, were rewarded with significant statistical improvements across the board.

Outside of linebacker Derrick Johnson establishing a new franchise single-season tackle record with 179 stops, each of the Chiefs starting linebackers posted career-high tackle totals.

Offseason Roster Review: Defensive Line from The Mothership

The Chicago Bears completed their first round of the interviewing process for their general manager position on Friday with Kansas City Chiefs director of college scouting Phil Emery...

...Unlike a few of the other candidates, Emery is a known commodity inside the Bears organization, as the veteran collegiate talent evaluator served as an area scout for the club from 1998-2004.

Bears Interview Phil Emery For GM from ESPN

The "home of the X" formulation is not entirely novel, nor is it particularly offensive, at least not to my sensibilities. (I realize your mileage may vary.) But "home of the Chiefs" at a Kansas game? That just seems sort of weird. Allen Fieldhouse isn't the home of the Chiefs, you darned crazy college students! Gee whiz! What will you wacky kids think of next?

Bill Self Says No To "Home Of The Chiefs" from ESPN

Yes, we can get sentimental, and mention how it's hard to picture Manning in another NFL uniform. But cutting the chord with a franchise player has worked out well in the past for other teams - and the jilted legends as well. The San Francisco 49ers, for example, traded an aging, achy Joe Montana to the Kansas City Chiefs at the end of his career to pave the way for Steve Young. Young won a Super Bowl in the 1994 season, and Montana led the Chiefs to the AFC championship game in the 1993 season. The franchise hasn't won a playoff game since.

Why The Colts Should Pass On Peyton Manning from Time

Yet, I think Crennel is going to look outside of the organization for an offensive leader. I talked to Crennel recently and he said he planned to so some interviewing at the Senior Bowl next week.

Unfinished Business from ESPN

Chicago found out the hard way after losing Jay Cutler to an injury. Kansas City's hopes faded after Matt Cassel got hurt and led them to Kyle Orton, whom the Cowboys also claimed on waivers.

Orton will be an unrestricted free agent and the most interesting possibility, however, he could get the chance to be a starter somewhere else (maybe even the Chiefs), which would hurt the Cowboys' chances of going after him.

Cowboys Considering Backup QB Spot from ESPN

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