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Early Speculation On Kyle Orton's Future With The Chiefs

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If Kyle Orton's postgame quotes mean anything, I would guess he's not coming back to the Kansas City Chiefs. Orton referred to the Chiefs as "they" and not "we" and his words didn't make me think he was thinking hard about returning to Kansas City.

The KC Star has a story with Orton's postgame quotes and this one stood out to me:

"I don't know," Orton said when asked whether he thought he would return next season. "I'm going to step away. I know they've got a great quarterback in Matt Cassel. Matt's a good friend, he's a great teammate, and he's a great quarterback. As I look at it, it's his team. We'll see what happens."

Check out the KC Star story for more quotes from him.

It's just speculation but those quotes don't give me the feeling he'll be back. Things can (and usually do) change so there's that. But the early speculation on Orton's future leans toward him headed elsewhere in 2012.

Michael Lombardi of previously reported the Chiefs will make an effort to retain Orton in 2012 so we'll see which way this thing heads.

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