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Kansas City Chiefs Free Agents: Not A Priority Edition

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We've been going through all the Kansas City Chiefs free agents today. There are 22 total and I said three of them are must keep players and 10 more are players the Chiefs should keep if it makes sense.

So now we move onto the guys that I've labeled as "not a priority". These are guys that the Chiefs shouldn't rush to re-sign or they should be able to upgrade via free agency or the draft.

Not a priority: QB Tyler Palko (ERFA), TE Jake O'Connell (RFA), RB Thomas Jones, WR Jerheme Urban, TE Anthony Becht, OT Ryan O'Callaghan, OT Barry Richardson, C Casey Wiegmann and S Sabby Piscitelli.

There are a number of reasons for the guys on this list.

Palko simply can not contribute positively to the team's production on the field. O'Connell has been in KC for three years and been on and off the roster the entire time. Time for an upgrade. Jones is getting older and just isn't productive anymore so he shouldn't come back. Urban was been with the team for two years now and contributed very little on the field. Becht was a late addition last season and that position should be upgraded. O'Callaghan and Richardson should both move on and KC should make a good effort to upgrade at offensive tackle. I can see an argument for keeping one or the other as a swing tackle but in the end I think it's time to move on. Wiegmann could retire and Piscitelli and the Chiefs need to break up.

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