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Chiefs Tell The NFL Allegations Are 'Completely False'

On Sunday morning Kent Babb dropped a jaw-dropping story in the Kansas City Star that included a nugget in which former Chiefs coach Todd Haley had indicated to Babb that he felt there were areas of the complex that were bugged and that his personal cell phone had been tampered with.

This obviously took the NFL world by surprise and the league office has responded with a statement issued to multiple outlets, including us (but first reported by Danny Parkins of 610 Sports).

"The Chiefs have notified us that these claims are completely false and no such allegations have been made to our office," the statement reads.

So what we have here is two things. First, another denial by the Chiefs that this occurred, which Babb included in his story. Second, an indication that no complaints of alleged phone bugging or anything like that were ever made to the league office. It's a good point by the league -- if Haley believed this was happening he should have contacted the league office. It's like going to the HR department with complaints -- it needs to be on the record or else it may not matter in the end.

While the alleged phone bugging has been the focal point of the story for many, I think the broader issue is whether and to what extent others thought something like this was even possible. We're all creating our opinion based on the same story with the same amount of information so we'll let you decide how you feel about it.

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