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Kansas City Chiefs Free Agents: Must Keep Edition

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The Kansas City Chiefs have 22 free agents coming up, a list of which you can see at this link. I've taken a look at the list and divided the free-agents-to-be into three groups -- must keep, keep if it makes sense and not a priority.

We'll go through all three lists of mine today but we'll start with the must keep group. These are the guys that, in my mind, need to stay in KC next year no matter what. I debated on a few of them but my list ended with just three players.

I can see an argument for more on the must keep list so chime in the comments to let us know who else you would have there. Here's my list:
Must keep: LB Jovan Belcher (RFA), CB Brandon Carr and WR Dwayne Bowe

This list seems fairly obvious. They're all starters on the team and Bowe and Carr are the two big fish free agents this year. They need to keep those guys in any way that's possible. Bowe and Carr are unrestricted free agents which means they're scheduled to leave. One guy could receive the franchise tag and the other could get a long-term deal. We're not really sure if either one will get tagged.

Belcher is a restricted free agent, which means the Chiefs control his rights, and he's a starter. Bringing him back is a good call.

Other possibilities for this list would be QB Kyle Orton, RB Jackie Battle and FB Le'Ron McClain.

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