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Ravens Beat Texans, Move Onto Patriots In AFC Championship Game

Say what you want about the record-breaking offenses this year but the Baltimore Ravens and their defense are one of the league's final four teams this year. The Ravens beat the Houston Texans in the divisional round of the playoffs and they now move onto the AFC Championship game in New England.

The Ravens beat the Texans, 20-13, on Sunday. The game was ugly, as most Ravens games are. The other games included more impressive looking teams but we know who the Ravens are and who they've been over the last decade.

Think about it. Baltimore has been elite, or near-elite for over a decade now. Since 2000, they've had just three seasons in which they've won less than nine games. And here's a stat that will surprise you -- Arian Foster's 132 rushing yards was the first time ever someone has rushed for over 100 yards on the Ravens in the postseason. That tells you how good they are and how long they've been good.

The Texans were close in the final minutes losing only by seven but ultimately they couldn't get it done. You gotta give them props though for securing their first ever postseason bid (and their first postseason win last weekend).

Baltimore's next stop is New England where they'll face the Patriots.

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