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Let's Talk About Peyton Manning And The Chiefs

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Over the last few months the fan bases for the majority of NFL teams have, at some point, asked themselves: Could my team get Peyton Manning? And the fans who aren't asking that are asking whether they could trade up for Andrew Luck instead.

Manning may or may not be back with the Indianapolis Colts next season. Without getting into too much detail (because everyone knows this), Manning is recovering from a neck injury and there aren't many details available about his future health and ability to play football. He has a big option due shortly before the league year starts in March. So do the Colts pay him the big money and keep him for 2012 or allow him to walk?

The Voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holthus thinks GM Scott Pioli and whoever else is involved in a decision like that will at least explore the Manning question.

"I'll be shocked if they don't explore that," Holthus told Kevin Kietzmann on 810 WHB's Between The Lines this week. "When I say be somewhat serious about, you know, what are you thinking. I think there are going to be a lot of teams doing that. I don't think the Chiefs would completely shut the door on that."

One big Manning trade note: ESPN's Chris Mortensen has reported that Colts owner Jim Irsay will not trade Manning. There are logistical issues with a trade, anyway. In my view, the Colts appear to be greasing the skids for a potential release by getting it out there that allowing Manning to walk would be a medical decision (in other words it would be out of the team's control so don't blame them).

"I think there will be at least a discussion, sublime or directly, of thinking, 'What would it take?', Holthus continued. "Let's just say in a hypothetical situation. I don't want fans to take that the wrong way and think that's what they're going to do. I think they're looking at any and all scenarios right now of moving this thing forward."

Another note in all of this: Almost every fan base is having the same discussion right now. Everyone would want Manning if he became available. So, while it's interesting to talk about, let's remember that we're not that unique.

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