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Romeo Crennel and the Kansas City Chiefs make the right call

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Romeo Crennel has his second head coaching position. The Kansas City Chiefs have their 12th head coach in franchise history. Whether the pairing works or not is to be seen in the near and perhaps distant future. However, both made the right choice in the current times.

For Crennel, this move is a no-brainer. He gets a shot at redemption after ultimately failing in his first chance with the Cleveland Browns. The man has five Super Bowl rings and yet has so much to prove. All of those championships of course can via the assistant coach route. While the jewelry looks the same the feeling of accomplishment and place in history most certainly isn't.

For the Chiefs, how could you go in another direction? The team has been a coaching carousel since the days of Marty Schottenheimer and for the most part, a doormat. Finally, a young and talented nucleus has been put in place. The time has come for some continuity and consistency in the coaching ranks. Scott Pioli had to stabilize the team with this hire. He's done that.

Sure, Kansas City could have thrown money at a veteran coach (Jeff Fisher, Jon Gruden) or tried to hire a young assistant. Maybe those things would've worked out, but i doubt it. The team would have to go through another future change and no doubt a reshaping of the roster. It would be tougher to keep Dwayne Bowe and Brandon Carr especially if an unproven coach was brought in.

This team is built to win now, even with the quarterback situation in limbo. The defense is championship caliber with the return of Eric Berry and the offense is loaded with weapons. Hiring Crennel allows the Chiefs to continue on the same path defensively and hear a familiar message in the locker room. These things cannot be understated.

Some will point out that the offense is still going to be affected and changed. That needs to happen anyway even if Todd Haley had been retained. Bill Muir clearly wasn't the answer as an old and at out-of-touch offensive coordinator. Changing schemes and philosophy isn't going to be a burden on that group; it will be taking one off their shoulders.

This hiring comes with some risk. It can't be ignored that Crennel was fired in his first and only head coaching job. On the flip side, you could easily argue who has ever won in Cleveland since it became an NFL franchise again? We're about to find out which factor was more responsible.

Crennel is the ultimate roll of the dice and safest move at the same time. It's the right decision. Let's just hope it doesn't come up snake eyes.

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