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Chiefs Coordinator Search Could Take A While

We might be waiting a while for the Kansas City Chiefs to name their offensive and/or defensive coordinators. Bill Williamson of interviewed Romeo Crennel this week and in a blog post indicates that the position(s) are unlikely to be filled in the "immediate future".

Check out the full story here.

The big highlight is that Crennel tells Williamson he hopes to conduct interviews for potential candidates next week and at the Senior Bowl, which is 16 days away. That's a sign that this thing could take a while. Like a couple of weeks.

Perhaps the Chiefs are waiting, like they did with Todd Haley, until a team finishes their playoff run. If that's the case then the it doesn't seem like they would be capitalizing on the advantage of getting an early start on the process, as they've talked about in recent weeks. As long as the right guy is hired, I suppose the timing doesn't really matter.

Williamson lists a few potential candidates in the story. I think the idea of Crennel promoting someone from within on the defensive side makes a lot of sense, especially with the news that he'll continue to call the defensive plays. On the offensive side, I don't think anyone has a really good read on what they'll do.

Then again, some coordinator the Chiefs really like could get fired tomorrow and then the search would be over. It's cliche but it is a fluid process (but I just hope it's not, like, early February-fluid).

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