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Sounds Like Changes Are Coming To The Chiefs Offensive Line

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli was onto another interview this morning here in KC with Bob Fescoe and Bob Josh Klinger of 610 Sports. They talked about what everyone else talks about in the offseason -- coaching staff changes, the free agency and the NFL draft.

One part of the spot (which you can listen to here) did stand out to me though. Josh asked if there was any sort of priority list as we enter free agency in March and then the draft in April.

"We have to get better on the offensive line somehow, some way," Pioli told Fescoe and Klingler. "We don't know who's going to be here and who's not. We have a long list in free agency. We have to improve our offensive line. We have to improve the depth of the football team."
He followed that up by saying the Chiefs have to get better at every position but I did take notice he pointed out the offensive line specifically.

I think we could see anywhere from 1-3 changes at offensive line heading into 2012. Wiegmann figures to retire, although that's not decided yet so we don't really know. There are surprise cuts every year -- Ryan Lilja? Maybe if they found someone in free agency or the draft that is an upgrade over him. Right tackle is a position we've put on the "needs" list for about a decade. I think the only guys you can say are for-sure safe would be Branden Albert and Jon Asamoah.

"I don't think there's any position on this team where you can say we're really good and we're safe," Pioli continued. "Take, for instance, last year we headed into the season feeling pretty good about the safety situation and then all of a sudden you turn around and Eric Berry is hurt, Kendrick Lewis is hurt at different times and then your third safety's hurt. I don't think there is any position where we can say we're set."

We've heard Romeo Crennel say the Chiefs need to get better depth on the team as well. I think that'll be something you'll always need to improve at some position but it seems like it's an emphasis this year (like 2010 was the year of adding more speed).

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