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Rounding Up The Chiefs Approval Polls

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel have been out and about in the media this week with the news on Monday that Romeo is officially the new head coach. Pioli went on both radio stations in town (610 Sports and 810 WHB) while Crennel talked with Kevin Kietzmann, NFL Network, the Dan Patrick Show and even the New York Post. They're all over the place this week.

Pioli said on 610 this morning that perhaps he would try to be a little more visible this year (perhaps a New Year's resolution?) and his relationship with the fans reminded me we never did a roundup of our monthly approval polls featuring the head coach, general manager and owner.

The numbers from January are decent for one guy and not so good for the other two:

Believe it or not, this is the lowest month we've ever seen for both Pioli and Hunt. Pioli's rise and fall has been sharper, rising quickly when the Chiefs were on the four-game winning streak and dropping since then. Hunt's hasn't been above 60 percent since May so that's probably partially related to the lockout, which started in March.

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