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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

Wow, what a game last night!  Those that are in the AP Group at Beat The Insiders watch out because I plan on winning this year.  There was not any real shocking news this week outside of Tony Moeaki going to IR.  I can't wait for the game on Sunday.  I'll be going to my first game at Arrowhead Stadium (if everything goes as planned).  I entered a contest and got free tickets.  I won't go into details on what I had to do.

There were a lot of stories getting ready for the Bills this week so you could have missed something.  If you want to look at our first regular season depth chart, talk about some releases, and a story from a year ago.  There are also some good posts of the week.  Please, jump along...

Five Biggest Stories

1. Chiefs Announce 27 Roster Moves, Including Tony Moeaki To IR

It sucks that we are losing such a good player for the season.  These moves were not a surprise to me at least.  I wonder how many roster moves we will be seeing before the game on Sunday?  The only player that I was really sad to see let go is Tucker.  It also seemed like Cox had some potential.  If only Cox was a little bit bigger or stronger.  I know and I promise that will be the last Cox joke from me this year.  Maybe.

2. Your First Regular Season Kansas City Chiefs Depth Chart

No real surprise here either.  Thomas Jones is ahead of Jamaal Charles but I'm pretty sure that most of us are used to that.  I'm pretty excited about this team and our depth chart looks decent.  I still would like more depth at the offensive line position.  However, I'm sure we will have a few more moves left.

3. Chiefs Add TE To Practice Squad; OT Butch Lewis Released

We added Kyle Nelson to the practice squad.  I don't know much about this TE but I do know he has played in a lot of games in college.  Butch Lewis is not a great player by any means but you would think we need all the help we can get at the line.  We still have Mims on the practice squad though so that is a sigh of relief.

4. Brian Waters Reaches Agreement With…Patriots

I am sad to see one of my all time favorite Chiefs player go.  I am however happy that he is on a team that will get really far this year.  I predict that the Patriots will win the Super Bowl.  I just hope that Brian Waters remembers the true fans that he has in the Midwest.  I also wish him the best of luck.

5. NFL Roster Cuts: Chiefs Receiver On His Way Out

Zeke Markshausen was among the first batch of releases by the Chiefs.  This wasn't a big surprise either since we were pretty much set on who we have at WR.  I didn't see much of Zeke even at camp when I went.  Let's wish him the best of luck.

In Case You Missed It...

1. NFL Power Rankings: Arrowhead Pride Edition

I would hardly ever feature one of my other posts but this is a community effort.  8 AP users including myself ranked all the teams then averaged our rankings together.  We had the Packers at 1 and it seems they will most likely stay at 1 after last night.  The Chiefs were ranked a bit high at 11 in my opinion.  Any predictions on who will make the biggest jump this next week?  How about the biggest fall?  Look for the next AP Power Rankings on the 15th.

2. NFL Power Rankings: Media Edition

This is a good idea from Steve_in_RI to see how the media views the Chiefs and other teams.  It is also a good way in comparing how the panel of 8 that I talked about above view the teams.  67% of you in his poll said the Chiefs should be ranked 11th to 15th.  So I guess 11th wasn't too high as I stated above.

Fanpost Of The Week

Impressions from Game 4 by hmills110

As always hmills amazes us with his observation skills and thoughts.  There are some good breakdowns of some key plays of our last preseason game.  If you haven't read this yet then click the link!  I feel a bit better on how our team performed against the Packers even it was their second string for the most part.  I just wish a couple of our injuries didn't happen.

Fanshot Of The Week

A Thought by Steve_Chiefs

What's with all the Steve's stepping up this week?  This is a pretty long thought that Steve_Chiefs had.  I really don't want to give it away so please give it a read.

One Year Ago Today...

Chiefs vs. Chargers: Not Many Picking The Underdog

I kind of like being the underdog and it worked for us last year.  This year will be another story though.  I'm not sure that we can be written of as an easy win.  Now let's hope that we can start of the season the way we did last year--with a W.

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