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Hard To Hate The Kansas City Chiefs

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Though Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders fans would disagree, it's hard to hate the Kansas City Chiefs. This according to Michael Rosenberg of, who has released his Hateability Index. It's a look at every NFL team and how easy (or hard) they are to hate.

Outside of the Jacksonville Jaguars (who Rosenberg refuses to acknowledge exists), the Chiefs, Cleveland Browns and New Orleans Saints were the lowest on the list, as the hardest teams to hate.

Kansas City Chiefs: Wholesome Midwestern city ... one of the best game-day atmospheres in the NFL, both in and out of the stadium ... a team that has not won a Super Bowl since before the NFL and AFL completed their merger. The Chiefs' uniforms are dated but they have stuck with them, and you have to respect that. Maybe if the Chiefs keep improving, this number will rise. In the meantime, Kansas City, we can't hate you. HATEABILITY FACTOR: 2

Plus, we have really great barbecue. Who hates barbecue?