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Chiefs Can't Let Bills Fly Under Their Radar

The Kansas City Chiefs will host the Buffalo Bills in Sunday's Week 1 game and, if the NFL oddsmakers are to be believed, the Chiefs will win the game. The Chiefs are favored but we all know oddsmakers can be wrong.

Looking at the results of the 2010 NFL season, the Chiefs should win this game. They won 10 games last year along with the AFC West while the Bills started off the season poorly and finished 4-12 on the year.

Former San Diego Chargers LB Shawne Merriman says he's glad to be on a team flying under the radar.

"Being in the situation when I was in San Diego and you're expected to win the Super Bowl every year and be top dog, it's kinda good to fly under the radar a little bit and have people overlook you," Merriman said, per the Buffalo News. "You go out and shock some people. But it won't be a shock to people in this locker room."

I can't imagine Chiefs coach Todd Haley is letting the Bills fly under Kansas City's radar. The Chiefs needed 75 minutes to beat the Bills last year and Buffalo has made changes to some of their biggest problem areas.

The Bills may be flying under the radar with the rest of the league but hopefully the Chiefs realize what Chan Gailey and Co. can do.

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