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Chiefs Add TE To Practice Squad; OT Butch Lewis Released

The Kansas City Chiefs have added a tight the practice squad. With TE Tony Moeaki's injury, we figured the Chiefs would be in the market for a tight end but so far it's been no dice. They did however add a tight end to the practice squad on Thursday morning.

TE Kyle Nelson comes from New Mexico State where he played in 50 games (which means a ton of game tape on him ). He's 6'2" and 240 pounds catching 66 passes for 559 yards and two touchdowns in his college career. He joined the New Orleans Saints as an undrafted free agent this year and was just released by them earlier this week. He's also a long snapper.

The Chiefs also released OT Butch Lewis from the practice squad, which is a little surprising. I figured he and OT David Mims would spend most of the year battling it out on the practice squad but apparently not. 

With that, here's how the Chiefs practice squad currently looks: FB Shane Bannon, LB Justin Cole, G Darryl Harris, WR Jeremy Horne, DB Quinten Lawrence, OL David Mims, NT Anthony Toribio and TE Kyle Nelson.

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