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Buffalo Bills Preparing For A Loud Arrowhead Stadium

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I think most reasonable Kansas City Chiefs fans can agree Arrowhead Stadium isn't quite what it used to be, at least it doesn't seem like it is. The completely packed stadium doesn't seem as packed, or hasn't in the last few years.

Maybe it's the 10-wins-in-three-years drought. Maybe it's the economy. Maybe it's the rise of those fancy high definition TVs. 

Whatever it is, Arrowhead doesn't produce the sound that it once did but its reputation lives on. The Buffalo Bills, in preparation for Sunday's game against the Chiefs at Arrowhead, are preparing for a very loud crowd, according to the Bills official site. 

Bills head coach Chan Gailey confirmed that the team will be pumping artificial noise onto the practice field both Wednesday and Thursday to prepare for the crowd noise at Arrowhead Stadium, one of the loudest outdoor stadiums in the NFL.

We wouldn't want to disappoint Buffalo, would we? I hope Arrowhead is packed to the brim with fans on Sunday and third downs are hell for Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bills offense.

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