A Thought


A Transitory Place Once when I was young I spent many days alone in the woods. It was nirvana, I could dwell on the trees and the plants, enjoy the birds ands the other life in the woods. There was no trouble in those woods and peace could be gained from the life as it was then. Those days are distant memories now. Marriage, children, jobs, and all those responsibilities I had not a clue about when younger are all consuming now. AP is those woods for me now and the harder all the other things get the more I seek solace in one thing enjoyable. Win or Lose. It is nice to see fellow fans in this transitory thing that is called life. People I had no knowledge of before but I now think of as fellow travelers on this Earth. Fans of many teams all sharing the same issues. We may not agree, but we can always agree to agree on something else:) Many of us are drawn to AP like a moth to a flame. I know AP has been my fire when I feel lost in real-life. I sense that AP is very relevant to some and not so much others. Just another sports blog, more people to subjugate in some mindless mind games that some play. The Chiefs are the topic and the friendships and banter are the glue. Sports sites are transitory. Chris and Joel had one long before SBNation came along. We all have the responsibility to continue the tradition of fantastic dialogues and the DAMN best Chiefs blog in this planet. Or Not The posts and the stories are about the Chiefs and assorted Football (and) sometimes about Us the Chiefs Fans. Too much time is spent disecting each other rather than the Chiefs. Please attack the idea rather than the human on the other end of the idea. Steve