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Matt Cassel Says He's Ready To Go, Will Play Vs. Bills

Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel definitely expects to play on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Yesterday, the KC Star reported that Cassel said he was ready to go and planned to play on Sunday against the Bills. Chiefs coach Todd Haley said he was a full participant in practice on Monday.

And today Cassel was on 810 WHB with Kevin Kietzmann and Danny Clinkscale and said multiple times that he's ready to play. When asked if Todd Haley had told him whether he'd be playing, Cassel said Haley didn't need to do that because this is a normal week and he's ready to go.

Check out the full audio here. I posted a quick transcribed version of the guys from Between The Lines asking Cassel if he's ready to roll.
Kietzmann: How are you feeling?

Cassel: I'm feeling great, feeling great. I got a little day off today so I went in, did some stuff at the field and just relaxed a little bit until we get this game week going.

Kietzmann: Can we say you're 100 percent? Do you know?

Cassel: Yeah, we're ready to go.

Kietzmann: Everything's a go?

Cassel: Everything's a go.

Kietzmann: No pain, no discomfort, no anything?

Cassel: No pain. No discomfort. Ready to go.

Kietzmann: You essentially cracked a rib. This things heals itself? How does it work?

Cassel: I don't wanna really get into the medical specifics or anything like that and the condition and all that but like I said I'm ready to go. I'll be out there practicing, and on Sunday I'll be ready to play.

Clinkscale: There must be football pain and ibuprofen pain or something like that because a 340-pound man fell on you. So you're saying there was no pain?

Cassel: You don't really feel it. You're just numb to it, you know? (Laughs) You feel a 340-pound man, let's not kid ourselves. You definitely it when a 340-pound man falls on you. But at the same time you just get up and you keep going.

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