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Your Obligatory 'Should The Chiefs Sign David Garrard' Post

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A big name gets released and Kansas City Chiefs fans say in unison: Go sign him, Scott Pioli!

The big name today is QB David Garrard, who has reportedly been informed by the Jacksonville Jaguars that he's being released. The move mirrors the QB Byron Leftwich situation a few years ago when the Jags decided to surprisingly cut Leftwich in early September and went with...Garrard.

Now Garrard is on the market and plenty of Chiefs fans are wondering if they should bring him in as the Chiefs top backup.

Me? I'm not sure I can see it happening but it would make some sense, depending on Garrard's knowledge of the Chiefs offense and his ability to quickly learn the playbook. I can't say I know enough about Garrard right now to talk about that but, looking at his stats (and his 60-percent-and-above completion percentage), I can see where it would make some sense.

I would guess Garrard doesn't sign anywhere until after the first week of the season so his 2011 salary wouldn't be guaranteed.

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