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Now This Feels Like Football Season

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It's that time of year, folks. The weather is getting cooler, baseball is winding down (thankfully) and Ms. Primetime and I get to spend out weekends planting flowers we all know how we're spending every Sunday from here until February. 

Yep, it's football season.

Every year I say I'm looking forward to this season more than any other but truthfully they're all pretty even. I think the Kansas City Chiefs have a legitimate shot every season, which is the beauty of the NFL -- nearly every team's fan base can legitimately expect to compete for a playoff spot.

Things have started out a little rough this season with WR Jonathan Baldwin missing most of the preseason, TE Tony Moeaki missing the entire regular season and QB Matt Cassel getting banged up before the season opener. Oh, and losing all four preseason games. 

That said, there's still plenty of optimism around KC. The lockout is over and behind us and now that football is back there's simply no better show in town than the KC Chiefs.

As Bart Scott would say, can't wait!

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