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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

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Thank God it's Friday!  I hope that you guys had a good week.  The 28th was my 3rd year anniversary being married.  I don't think anything can beat the Ameristar Casino buffet -- well maybe besides a Chiefs win.  Will I get to see one of those this year?

There was not too much interesting news this week.  If you think you missed something then please follow along.  We can talk about the Chargers game, Flowers/Baldwin Status, and our depth chart.  Also, find out why it is hard to look back a year ago today.

Five Biggest Stories

1.  Chargers Beat Chiefs as KC’s Comeback Bid Falls Short

I along with most people had this penciled in as a loss before the season.  Then after our first two weeks this game seemed like it would be a massacre.  I'm glad that it was close but I would have been thrilled if it were a win.  We were so close.  The Chargers handed us the game yet we couldn't capitalize.  Hopefully, we find a way to win this Sunday.

2.  Brandon Flowers’ Injury Is Reportedly A High Ankle Sprain

It just wouldn't feel right if the Chiefs didn't have a big injury to accompany a loss.  Flowers' status in practice was limited all week I do believe.  We need him in our banged up secondary.  McNabb shouldn't do that well anyways so Flowers might be a huge factor in the game.

3.  Are We Getting Closer To Jonathan Baldwin’s Debut?

This is a story that has been up and down all week.  Early reports say that Baldwin could and should play.  Later in the week Haley says that Baldwin isn't "there" yet.  I want him to play but the thing is--we just don't know.  Do you think that if Baldwin plays he will be a big factor?

4.  Chiefs’ Todd Haley Says Bill Muir Still Calling Plays

I can honestly say that I'm not sure who is calling the plays.  The play calling seemed so drastically different from the first quarter of the Bills games to the last quarter in the Chargers game.  Did someone finally wake Muir up?  Is Haley not being truthful?  I can still do without the million dump offs though.  Let's hope Cassel can start to look dow field more.

5.  One Change To Chiefs Depth Chart For Vikings Game

The only change is that WR Jeremy Horne is added as the 4th WR on the depth chart.  I'm not sure if it is worth mentioning since Cassel only throws to Bowe and McCluster.  If Horne catches the ball more than 5 times this season I'll be surprised.

In Case You Missed It...

1.  Chiefs Getting Gus Johnson This Weekend

I am sure that most of you know who Gus Johnson is especially if you played the last couple of years of Madden.  Johnson always makes the game more interesting without being biased.  Mitch and Len are the best but if I have to listen to the TV announcers Gus Johnson is the one I want to listen to.

2.  Vikings-Chiefs Game Will Be On TV In Kansas City

Not only will the Chiefs get Johnson but the Kansas City area will get the game.  As of right now I won't be getting the game in Macon, MO.  Instead, I'll be watching the Steelers game NFL Red Zone.  Hopefully, the Chiefs will be in the red zone a lot so I can see them score play.

Fanpost Of The Week

ATTENTION: Kansas City Chiefs Head Office by Chef's Kitchen

There is always a good time for some well written humor.  I don't agree with everything posted but I did laugh quite a bit.  This post hasn't gotten a lot of comments but it has a lot of recs.  This is post where I can't say too much about it.  It is just one that you have to read to get the humor.

Fanshot Of The Week

Ask A Chiefs Fan –Vikings Edition by upamtn

Thank you ups for getting this going for Arrowhead Pride!  This is a link to the Vikings forum.  Get over there now and help ups & company answer some questions about your Chiefs!

One Year Ago Today...

The Kansas City Chiefs Had A Good September

The Difference is night and day when comparing last year to this year.  Last year we started out 3-0.  This year we start out at 0-3.  Will the Chiefs come back?  Will the Chiefs get the first draft pick?  What do you think?

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