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Chiefs Make The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Again

Another week, another Jay Leno joke about the Kansas City Chiefs

The Tonight Show host had this to say about the Chiefs last week:
Well, here's something frightening. Scientists from NASA have said a research satellite the size of a bus will crash into the Earth on Friday. They say they have no idea where it will land, although they say it has better odds of landing in the end zone than the Kansas City Chiefs.    
This week, he had another Chiefs-related joke.
This is pretty good. Despite having broken ribs, quarterback Tony Romo lead his Dallas Cowboys to victory Monday Night. It was pretty amazing. Second game in a row. (Applause from Cowboys fans, which includes everyone in the audience, apparently.)

In a related story, today the Kansas City Chiefs coach took his quarterback Matt Cassel out and broke his ribs.
Eh. Conan is still better. Here's video of Leno's joke.

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