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Chiefs 2011 Schedule In NFL Power Rankings

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The Kansas City Chiefs were expected to have one of the toughest schedules in 2011 and the early results support that. The first two games of the season were supposed to be the winnable ones but....those two teams (Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions) are both 3-0.

I checked out ESPN's NFL power rankings for this week and realized just how difficult the Chiefs schedule is turning out to be (through three weeks at least). They play seven of ESPN's top 10 teams.

1. Green Bay Packers; 3. New England Patriots; 4. Detroit Lions; 6. Buffalo Bills; 7. New York Jets; 9. San Diego Chargers; 10. Pittsburgh Steelers

That's pretty crazy. We expected all those teams to be up there, minus the Lions and Bills. This snapshot shows us just how tough the Chiefs schedule really is. (And, no, that's not some sort of excuse. Just pointing out the reality.)

That said, the Chiefs also play some of the bottom feeders in the league, including:

26. Denver Broncos; 28. Minnesota Vikings; 29. Miami Dolphins; 30. Indianapolis Colts

So there a handful of what appear to be very tough games and a handful of what appear to be very winnable games. Through three weeks at least.

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