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Chiefs' Jonathan Baldwin Speaks

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We haven't heard much of anything from the Kansas City Chiefs first round pick, Jonathan Baldwin. (And is it Jonathan? Or is it Jon? Have we figured that out yet?)

He talked to the KC media after the draft and to each radio station in town over the summer. He also talked once in training camp before getting the thumb injury. We haven't heard much from him locally.

On Wednesday, he spoke to the media again. 

Here are a few of the stories about that (which you've seen in Arrowheadlines): Jonathan Baldwin eager to make return; AP: Jon Baldwin mum on injury incident; KC Star: Baldwin eager to play.

As the headlines suggest, he wants to get back on the field. He also said that he's been around his teammates, learning the playbook and the opposing defenses so he shouldn't be that far behind when he finally does return.

Will that return come this week? We're sure hoping so. He's been listed as a limited participant in four straight practices and I'm not sure why the Chiefs would have him speaking publicly now unless he had a shot to play.