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Adrian Peterson Among Vikings Missing Practice

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The headline sounds like it could be good news for the Kansas City Chiefs but it probably won't be. Minnesota reporters are saying RB Adrian Peterson missed Wednesday's practice for the Vikings but it doesn't sound like it'll be something that affects Sunday's game at Arrowhead Stadium

Here's what the Star Tribune had to say after Leslie Frazier's press conference today:

Frazier said Peterson took a kick to the calf at some point during Sunday's loss to Detroit and was still experiencing a bit of soreness. So as a precaution Peterson was held out of Wednesday's drills. He should be clear to practice Thursday and will play Sunday at Kansas City.    

Considering QB Donovan McNabb (lack of) effectiveness this year, losing Peterson would be a totally crushing blow to the Vikings offense. 

Sorta like the Chiefs losing...well, nevermind. Let's not bring that up.