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Vikings Vs. Chiefs: The Last Time They Played

Good news, Kansas City Chiefs fans. The last time the Chiefs hosted the Minnesota Vikings, in 2007, they won -- and it was their first win of the season, which is sort of like the situation we're in now.

The last time these two teams played in the regular season came right before the Chiefs went into their miserable, 10-wins-in-three-years funk. It was September 23, 2007, and the 0-2 Chiefs went on to beat the Vikings, 13-10.

Here's the box score from that game

Eddie Drummond was returning kicks that game. Jared Allen, who had two sacks, was still a Chief. Tamba Hali added two sacks of his own, back when we weren't sure if he was going to be any good. The Chiefs ran a 4-3 defense. Herm Edwards had just taken the Chiefs to the playoffs. Samie Parker and Michael Bennett were still Chiefs. Tony Gonzalez was the leading receiver.

It was a strange time to be a Chiefs fan. We thought they were going to be an average to above average team as the Chiefs started 4-3 that year and sat in first place in the division before going on to lose nine consecutive games and finish with a 4-12 record. (Jared Allen brought this up on 810 WHB earlier this week saying "that sucked")

It was the season of the beginning of the downfall. The situations are the same right now -- winless team coming off of a playoff berth -- but the Chiefs as a team and an organization are drastically different. 

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