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Chiefs Getting Gus Johnson This Weekend

I can confirm that this weekend's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings will be very close and include an incredibly exciting finish.

That's because FOX is sending Gus Johnson to announce the game.

Whenever Gus Johnson calls a game it seems like it ends up being the most exciting game of the week. Whether that's because it actually is or because Gus treats it like the Super Bowl is another matter.

FOX originally had Chris Myers and Tim Ryan on the Vikings-Chiefs game but, as 610 Sports' Carrington Harrison first pointed out today, they switched things around so we'll get a dose of Gus (and his partner, Charles Davis) this weekend.

The Chiefs have already sold enough tickets so this game will be on TV and those watching at home can hear him.

If you don't live in KC, click here to see if the Chiefs game will be aired where you live.

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