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NFL Power Rankings: Media Edition

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It is that time of the week again, where we find out just what the good folks in the football media think of our Kansas City Chiefs. We have settled in on some solid websites and we will continue to use them throughout the season. Last week we tried to guess who would give us the best ranking, and the winner was Walter Football. This week, without looking, you need to guess who is the only site to have us move up in the rankings.

Can you get it right? I don't know. The answer may surprise you!

Personally, I do believe the Chiefs are not the worst team in the league. Having the ball with a chance to win on the road against a legitimate football team and playing a solid defensive game with important missing pieces tells me a team is not the worst in the league. Many here at AP would disagree with that logic, but I and many others saw improvement from the team. As was the case last week, the AFC West order in every single outlet is: Chargers, Raiders, Broncos, Chiefs. Let's find out who likes us this week and who has some "funny" things to say about our team.


Walter Football: After a long span of abuse from Walter, we have suddenly gained his ultimate respect and were able to keep our stranglehold on #30. I would love to talk at great length about how I agree with him, but we will just leave it at it's face value. Who is worse than us you ask? According to Walter, both the Seahawks and Colts are worse than us and I would have to agree with him. Unfortunately not many agree with him or me. Notably, no AFC West teams in the top 10 and I don't think we deserve any yet either considering some of the solid play around the league.


ESPN: Ho hum, ESPN's short fling with the Chiefs is now over. We are now 32nd in this week's rankings. But the twinkle is still in their eye for us as they close with, "What better tonic than back-to-back games against two other currently winless teams?" See, they do love us. They know we are playing inferior teams and cannot wait to put us back in the mid-20's. Chargers up to 9, Raiders up to 13, and Broncos fall to 26.

CBS Sports: Not so much here. We stay put at 32 with the caveat, "At least they competed against the Chargers in the second half. Baby steps, baby steps." I guess it could be worse and we did definitely compete against the team CBS ranks as #6 this week. The Raiders move up to #10 and the Broncos fall to 26th. Lot of love for the Silver and Black on the old internet.

Fox Sports: Quick, what's 4 times 8. Nice job. 32. Says Brian Billick, "Last year's schedule made us believe that the Chiefs were a team on the rise. Well, we were wrong." Yeah, guess so, huh? Darn schedule. I just can't believe how we are 0-3 with Jamaal Charles in the backfield, Tony Mo catching pass after pass, Eric Berry patrolling the secondary, and Brandon Flowers just shutting dudes down. Oh. My bad. Good news for Fox? The word is Gus Johnson is on our game Sunday. I could be wrong. I hope I am not.

Pro Football Talk: Calling our season "a lost cause", the fine folks at PFT have us at 32 for a third consecutive week. I am not quite sure if the site will shut down if we are victorious next week. Meanwhile, the Chargers are at #7, the Raiders are at #10 and the Broncos are sitting pretty at 24th

Football Outsiders: I told you I loved this site from day 1. Unfortunately, when you are a stat-driven site and a team puts up very poor stats, you increase your chances of being dead last. Not a good week overall for the AFC West as our highest team is San Diego at 13. The stats are very kind to the AFC East, AFC North and the surging Tennessee Titans this week.

National Football Post: "The Chiefs have too many holes to be considered a player in the AFC West". First comment in the comment section? "Comment for the Chiefs should have been: The Chiefs have too many holes to be considered a player in the Big 12." Ouch. Ouch Sam who comments at NFP. You are cold blooded man. Just playing, whatever man. We will find you though, just saying. NFP kind of lost me this week when they had the 0-3 Vikings at 22, ahead of a 2-1 team and a host of other teams with a win.


SB Nation: Let me tell you about a man named Joel Thorman. A man with courage, integrity, and the subject of Mariah Carey's #1 smash "Hero". This week Joel and SB Nation have the Chiefs MOVING UP TWO SPOTS to #30! Oh em gee Joel! How will we ever get Andrew Luck if we are not 32nd?!? Great call in my estimation though by SB Nation. The Chiefs have been bad, but both Miami and Minnesota are worthy replacements for us in the bottom two. At least the Chiefs have some heart. The other two? Not so much if you have been watching them. SB Nation also has the Chargers at 12 and the Raiders at 15, which has Raider fans feeling underappreciated instead of being thankful for being relevant. Objectively, a nice job done by Joel, as it can't be easy to be the "bad guy" (or good guy if you are a Ravens fan).

So there you have it sports fans! If you chose SB Nation, you win this week's guessing game! In sum, the Chiefs still have a ton of work ahead of them to regain the faith of the masses (including the masses reading this article at AP). With that said, it would be nice to get a big win at home this week and start a new streak on the positive side. Until next time, this has been the NFL Power Rankings: Media Edition.

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