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Jared Allen To Chiefs Fans: 'Please Don't Boo Me'


One of the things we'll be talking about as the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to host the Minnesota Vikings is the return of Jared Allen. Shortly before the 2008 NFL draft, the Chiefs sent Allen to the Vikings for a first and two third round picks in a blockbuster trade. 

Allen went on the Border Patrol with Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty this morning and had one request for Chiefs fans when he returns to Arrowhead.

"All I hope is I don't get booed," Allen said. "I expect to get booed because, you know, Chiefs fans are Chiefs fans and they gotta stick by their team, but I felt I put in a good body of work while I was there. So, to the Chiefs fans, you would make me a little sad if you booed me. Please don't boo me."

He even buttered us up a little bit talking about the good memories he has about playing in KC.

"Arrowhead is one of the greatest places to play," he continued. "I am looking forward to that smell. I'm hoping we can get the windows rolled down on the busses when we drive into the parking lot. There is nothing like that in the NFL, that smell of barbecue when you pull into Arrowhead. It's one of the greatest nostalgic Sunday memories you can have."

Even if booing were allowed in the press box, I wouldn't boo him. I don't have a beef with him. The Jared Allen trade, which netted the Chiefs OT Brandon Albert and RB Jamaal Charles among others, was one of the few big-time NFL trades that seemed to work out well for both sides. 

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