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If The Chiefs Can Just Get A Little Momentum....

The Kansas City Chiefs have started the season 0-3 and talks of the playoffs seem a little silly right now. According to the KC Star's Upon Further Review blog, the stats are overwhelmingly against playoff talk right now:

... it is 0-3 and only three 0-3 teams have made the playoffs since the NFL went to six playoff teams in each conference in 1990.

So....playoffs? More like playoffs?!?!

I know there's the SuckForLuck movement out there but it's not really in my makeup to cheer for the Chiefs to lose any game so I want them to win, even if playoff talk will make Jim Mora go crazy. I want them to make the season at least respectable. 2-14 or 3-13 will make this season too long, especially for someone who spends every hour of every work day writing about the team.

The Chiefs have a perfect opportunity to string together a couple of wins over the next two weeks -- vs. Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts.

What do those two teams have in common? Both are winless. There are five winless teams in the NFL and the Chiefs, who are one of them, play two of those teams in the next two weeks.

The Chiefs' 2010 season is a good example of what a little bit of momentum can do. They won 10 games last year and did it with winning streaks of three, two, three and two games.

So if history is any indication, if the Chiefs can just get one win, they can garner a little momentum to make it two in a row. After the Vikings and Colts, they have a divisional matchup with the Oakland Raiders -- you can always get up for Raider week -- before facing the San Diego Chargers, who we know they can hang with, and then the winless Miami Dolphins.

Just a little bit of momentum so I don't have to go from one season where we talk about the NFL's last undefeated team to the next season where we talk about the NFL's last winless team.

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