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On Todd Haley's Message To The Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are 0-3 and with each passing game this season is looking more and more like the 2009 season, Todd Haley's first in KC, when the Chiefs started 0-5 (and later 1-7). Haley always talks about being consistent, and "being the same guy everyday", which he seems to do.

That's all well and good when the team is winning but when they're not you have a fear of that message wearing thin.

That's the question a reporter asked Haley at Monday's press conference (via Is there a concern that his message to the team becomes less meaningful when there aren't tangible results -- wins -- on the field?

"That's not something that I really think about. I think that comes back to the group of guys we have in this building and our coaches and this team is getting closer, not divided. If a team can stick together through the rough times, then they have a chance to do really good things. We're getting our dose of rough times right now and so far I've been very proud of these guys and just their will."

That question and answer reminds me of something I read last year. Alex Marvez of did a feature on QB Matt Cassel and, in the story, talked to Rich Gannon about Cassel's progress. Gannon, who is a broadcaster for CBS, said at some point Cassel needs to take ownership of the team.

"I told Matt, ‘Guys are eventually going to tune Todd out. You've got to be the guy. If something isn't exactly the way you want it, you'd better say something, because eventually they'll get rid of you.'"

I believe Haley in that the team isn't giving up hope on him but when the wins don't come the message needs to at least be tweaked and perhaps the message may even need to come from someone else, like Cassel. (Or maybe the Chiefs just aren't very good to begin with.)

As the playoffs start to become a distant hope, the Chiefs need to do something, anything to turn this into a season that's worth something. I'm just not sure A.) how they do that and B.) what constitutes a season worth something if you're not winning more games than you lose.

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