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Chiefs Vs. Chargers: Five Good Stats

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The Kansas City Chiefs played another game and came away with another loss. The San Diego Chargers take the victory, 20-17. A loss is a loss but, unlike the previous weeks, we actually have some good stats.

Here are your five good stats from Sunday's game with five bad stats coming a little later.

17. Points scored by the Chiefs. After putting up just one touchdown and 13 total points in the last two games, this is a big step forward for KC. They did it all in the second half, which means there were some halftime adjustments made. If the Chiefs would only play all their games like they did in the second half of this one....

4. Number of Dwayne Bowe receptions. It's not just that it was four receptions for 67 yards, it's that they came at important times. The first one was a 3rd and 7, which went for a first down. The second one was a touchdown. The third one was a 3rd and 10, which went for a first down. The fourth one was a 3rd and 11, which went for a first down. 
20. Points given up by the Chiefs. The defense started to come into their own with Romeo Crennel's bend but don't break scheme. They didn't let QB Philip Rivers and WR Vincent Jackson hand it to them, which was one of my biggest concerns entering the game. 

2-1. The turnover battle is won by KC. The Chiefs often won the turnover battle last year en route to a 10-win season. We knew they had to do the same this year to have a chance to be competitive. For the first time this year, they won the turnover battle and it got them within three points.

0. Starters lost to a season-ending injury. TE Anthony Becht was injured, and we don't know his status, but he's not a starter. CB Brandon Flowers suffered an injury but early signs suggest it's not of the season-ending variety. Let's hope this stat doesn't change with any surprises this week.

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