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Brandon Flowers Injured; Chiefs Trailing Chargers, 7-0

[Update: Brandon Flowers' return is questionable with a knee injury.]

The good news is that the Kansas City Chiefs defense is stepping up with two turnovers today. The bad news is that the longest offensive play for the Chiefs is four yards.

The worse news is that CB Brandon Flowers, after intercepting QB Philip Rivers and returning it for big yards, went down with a knee injury. He's being tended to by the trainers and we don't know what his status is.

The Chiefs punted on the possession after the interception.

The Chiefs are trailing the Chargers, 7-0. The defense is playing well holding the Chargers to just one touchdown and a pair of turnovers. The offense, though, looks miserable. The Chiefs have zero first down to the Chargers' 10.

KC is hanging around even though the stats say this should be a big Chargers lead right now.

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