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Chris Thorman Gets A Makeover

What's he laughing at?
What's he laughing at?

As everyone knows around here, Chris Thorman is my brother and founder of Arrowhead Pride. I've since taken it over but he still claims to have some sort of minor role in Arrowhead Pride. Whatever. 

Anyway, Chris is in New York this week working with Van Heusen on a project involving a makeover -- with Deion Sanders. (Yes, he really needed a makeover.)

Indeed, Chris is getting his makeover, with the help of the original Primetime, and other bloggers. Here's some more info on Van Heusen's project and I have a bunch of pictures of Chris at the makeover posted after the jump. They'll be revealing the final work at 5:10 p.m. (Arrowhead Time) at

This has nothing to do with the Chiefs but it was too good not to post.

There's no doubt that Chris is the second best looking Thorman in the family.


Some people are made for the camera. Chris is not one of those people.


Fact: Chris went more than a decade without owning a pair of jeans.


We call this: Too Cool For School Chris.


He's just laughing, havin' a good time. 


What's he looking at?

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