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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

Hello and welcome to another weekly recap!  I had the last two days off and had a great time spending it with my family.  Now, I'm back into the football grind.  I am constantly setting my fantasy teams for the best match-ups.  I'm watching the Playbooks on NFL Network.  I'm having football debates with my father-in-law.  Now if only the Chiefs would give me more to root for I would be set.

I didn't think the news could get worst this week but it did.  Another blowout loss and another huge injury.  There are some good posts by some users that I'm highlighting.  This week I thought I would do something different.  I am featuring a fanpost by a newer member to Arrowhead Pride.  If you missed a couple days from AP then please read after the jump.

Five Biggest Stories

1. Chiefs Confirm Jamaal Charles’ Season Is over

The Chiefs lose their best offensive player to go along with Moeaki and Berry.  I'm not sure if the game plan will change all that much.  Jones will get some more carries and Dex won't shouldn't run up the middle.  Charles is a big loss but the Chiefs have to overcome.  I wonder if this will make the McClain signing a smarter move?  We still have weapons at running back.  We just need to adjust accordingly to use those weapons.

2.  Another Blowout Loss For The Kansas City Chiefs

I had my cursor setting idol for the longest time just hoping I would have something good to say about the loss.  I'm still not sure if any good came from it.  Our first series up until Charles got hurt looked like the Chiefs of last year.  Tamba Hali was giving the Lion's left tackle some fits.  Bowe had a decent day.  That was about it for the game.  I just hope that the Chargers either play bad or have mercy on us.

3. Minor Changes To Chiefs Depth Chart For Chargers Game

I'll go ahead and list the minor changes for the lazy AP readers who can't click a link.  TE Jake O'Connell removed (waived), TE Anthony Becht added, RB Jamaal Charles removed (IR), S Eric Berry removed (IR), and S Reshard Langford added.

4. Chiefs’ Eric Berry Sticking Around Kansas City

I love stories like this!  Berry is still going to stick around KC and help out the community.  He is also sticking around practices and the other team members.  I already knew Berry was awesome and this just confirmed it.  I wish someone as cool as Berry would have talked to my elementary class.

5. AFC West Standings: Chiefs Holding Down The Cellar

I want you to imagine this for a minute.  We beat the Chargers on Sunday.  The Raiders and Broncos both lose.  We then would be tied for first place in the division.  Hopefully, all those things come true.  Will all those come true?  Probably not.

In Case You Missed It...

1. Chiefs Worked Out Gerard Warren Last Week

I think that Warren is a pretty good player and it's best to keep our options open.  However, I don't think that the defensive line is our greatest need at this point.  I would look at all the running back options out there.

2. Chiefs Reportedly Work Out Former Patriots RB Sammy Morris

Speaking of running back options.  Morris would be a decent addition for the Chiefs.  Thomas Jones will only last till week 9 or so.  We're not sure if McCluster can carry the majority of the load.  McClain is a good option but he doesn't really have that big play ability.

New User Featured Fanpost

Management: Offset the loss of Jamaal, Don’t just give up. by 500milestoarrowhead

There has been tons of posts lately from new users, which I think that is a good thing. 500milestoarrwhead is pretty new and this post is a good example for all the new users out there.  If you haven't read this yet then please click on the link and give any suggestions you might have to him.

Fanpost Of The Week

Stay Classy Kansas City by upamtn

If ups keeps on writing great fanposts I'm going to have to have a section dedicated to him in my weekly post.  While not everyone agrees with what ups is saying it is still a good message.  We don't have to be jerks to other fans.  We don't have to bring ourselves down to their level.  We need to stay classy.

Fanshot Of The Week

Please step away from the ledge AP! by Masons

In these last few weeks there has been rarely anything positive around Arrowhead Pride.  This is a nice and pretty long fanshot.  I'm not going to give too much away.  Just read it and you will probably feel better while stepping away from the ledge.

One Year Ago Today...

Who Is The Better 2-0 Team: Kansas City Chiefs or Tampa bay Bucs?

This is sad to see especially after starting 0-2 for this season.  We just need to hang our heads high and realize that the season isn't over yet.  If we "Suck For Luck" then so be it.  We shouldn't "Suck For Luck" on purpose though.

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