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Tim Grunhard Says Chiefs Players, Fanbase Has A Confidence Problem

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Tim Grunhard's segments on 810 WHB is one that I look forward to every week because he praises the team when they're doing well and criticizes them when they're not. He tells it the way it is and, as a former player, Grunhard (like Bill Maas on the competition, 610 Sports) can speak to some of the issues better than others.

Grunhard talked with Soren Petro on Tuesday and said that the Chiefs players and fan base have a confidence problem that comes from a lack of winning.
"I think right now, as an organization, and as a fan base, we got a confidence problem," Grunhard said. "It all comes from not winning. It's not that the fans aren't anymore excited about the Kansas City Chiefs, or the Kansas City Chiefs don't want to win a football game, or it's not like those coaches aren't working hard to get a plan put together.

"There's a confidence problem all around the city with the Chiefs. Even when I watch those commercials now, you have some old lady saying, 'It's a great day at Arrowhead Stadium, I love coming to Arrowhead,' I kinda snicker because it's not that way right now because we, as a fan base and as a team, have a confidence problem that needs to be addressed with winning. Until we win, it won't change. You can't talk yourself into a win and you can't talk yourself into being excited for a game because you're always waiting for something bad to happen."

I think he's talking about this season in particular but I think this is also true about the Chiefs' fan base dating back several decades. Three playoff wins dating back to the Super Bowl. No playoff wins for more than 17 years. For me, Grunhard's words are accurate. Even when I watched the playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens game last year, I was waiting for something bad to happen -- and it did.

We've gotten to the point where we just expect something to go wrong, and it usually does.

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