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Todd Haley's Preseason Plan Not To Blame For ACL Injuries

The Kansas City Chiefs have suffered three major ACL injuries in the last three weeks ending the season of three young stars: TE Tony Moeaki (fourth preseason game), S Eric Berry (first regular season game) and RB Jamaal Charles (second regular season game). 

That's a lot, or at least it seems like a lot, considering the quality of players that are involved. They're all really, really good. 

With the Chiefs 0-2 start, Chiefs coach Todd Haley has been a target for a lot of criticism but his preseason plan, as it relates to the ACL injuries, shouldn't be one of those criticisms, according to James Gladstone, an assistant professor of orthopedics at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.

He spoke with Kent Babb of the KC Star, who writes there was "little the team could've done to prevent those injuries."

"A lot of bad luck, basically," Gladstone said, per the Star. "Even the most well-conditioned athletes, doing the best preparation imaginable, get ACL tears."

Check out Babb's full story over at the KC Star. The section that includes how often players come back to full strength after an ACL injury is very interesting.

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