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Matt Cassel Knows Chiefs Fans Aren't Very Optimistic Right Now

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The Kansas City Chiefs have started the 0-2 and looked bad doing which is causing more than a few Chiefs fans to (rightfully) lose some faith in the 2011 version of the Chiefs. If these were close games, and the Chiefs were doing something well, it'd be one thing. But there just aren't any positives to take away from a score of 89-10 over two weeks.

Chiefs QB Matt Cassel recognizes how the fans feel telling Soren Petro on 810 WHB that he sees that the city is losing the optimism gained from a 2010 division title.

"I think history would tell you that any team can turn it around on any given week. I think we have to keep pushing forward. There's a lot of football left to be played.

"I know I keep saying that. I know with the results of the last two games there's not a lot of optimism throughout the city of Kansas City, but at the same time we do have a lot of football and we do need to try to continue to stay the course and focus on the San Diego Chargers and try to figure out what we need to go out there and win."

The problem is that both a bad (2009) and good (2010) Chiefs team has gone into San Diego....and gotten blown out. The Chiefs just have a problem in sunny San Diego (and everywhere else these days) so the optimism level is going to be awfully low not just this week, but in the next couple of months, unless the Chiefs show something, anything that they're doing well.

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