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Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Says He Just Had The Wind Knocked Out Of Him

Late in the second quarter of Thursday night's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers, QB Matt Cassel met big defensive lineman Howard Green.

Green came barreling through the line straight into Cassel landing on top of him. The guy is 340 pounds so you can imagine that wouldn't feel very good.

Cassel came up showing some pain around what appeared to be his shoulder which caused Chiefs nation to collectively say, "Oh crap!" (Or a four-letter word similar to that.) He went to the sidelines but it didn't appear doctors were checking him out or anything. Eventually he started working with quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn on the sidelines.

The injury?

Just getting the wind knocked out of him. Cassel told reporters he wanted to go back in but they were just being cautious, which was the right move. What's interesting is that Haley told reporters after the game that Cassel was supposed to play even more if he hadn't gotten dinged up.

We'll be coming out with the Matt Cassel report card this afternoon examining his performance but I can already tell you the grades will be better after he completed 15-of-17 passes last night.

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