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Chiefs' Todd Haley Runs A Unique Preseason

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley has never been one to shy away from thinking outside the box and that' what he's done in the 2011 preseason. The Chiefs spent a large part of the early portion of training camp working on conditioning, rather than a heavier focus on installing the offense. 

Haley and GM Scott Pioli talked to people who were involved in the 1987 strike, which was similar to this year in that it gave teams only weeks to prepare for the season, so they didn't just randomly pick their approach to the preseason. They put a little work into it and came away that this was the best way to approach it.

The most notable part of the Haley training camp was playing the starters for a long time in the final preseason game on Thursday night. Generally, the third preseason game is the one in which your starters play into the second half but the Chiefs didn't do it like that last week.

Instead, you saw a situation last Thursday where a good chunk of the starters were playing into the fourth quarter. Both Brandons at cornerback, Derrick Johnson and even Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones received fourth quarter snaps. 

I think I understand Haley's plan here and I kinda agree with it. The only way to really get these guys ready is to have them play on the field so, from that standpoint, I understand. At the same time, injuries are always going to make you nervous.

On Todd Haley's preseason plan...was it the right way to go? Agree or disagree?

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