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Chiefs' Todd Haley Asked About Job Security

With the Kansas City Chiefs 0-2 start to the season, and particularly the way they've lost those two games, questions about head coach Todd Haley's job security have popped up.

Here's what Haley said at his Monday press conference when asked about his job security (audio comes via 810 WHB).

On whether he worries about his job security: "No, Adam [Teicher]. I said this to a few people, that's not something that I generally have worried about, or thought about, at whatever level of what I've been doing. I've been raised that way and I believe that way, that you focus on the task at hand. You focus on doing the things you can do to make improvements and do your job to the best of your ability. The NFL is a team results business. Teams will never be judged on individual results and that goes for coaches and players alike. I don't think that way calling plays, I don't think that way standing up for what's right or wrong, in or outside the building. Go full steam ahead trying to be the best you can be and that usually solves a lot of problems."

On whether he has support from GM Scott Pioli and owner Clark Hunt: "Absolutely. I've been excited the opportunity here for a reason because of the leadership in place and the opportunity it gives you to have a chance to succeed. When you lose, it's tough. When you win, it's a lot better. It's a team results business and right now we're 0-2 in the first quarter o the season, and the head coach, as well as the players and the staff, will do everything in our power, and have been, to try and change the result."

On whether he's surprised by questions about his job security: "It's not something that I really let use up too much of myself. My focus is on, and will continue to be, and has been, on what can we do to be better. It was the same the first year, last year and this year. And right now we've done some things that have caused us to lose a couple of games. As I said, we got two more games just in this quarter alone to try and get better and make progress. The one this week is against a division rival that I know, if we can go out and do the things we know we need to do a lot better from an execution stand point, that we'll all be feeling a lot better than we are now."

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