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Chiefs Vs. Lions: Five Bad Stats

We did five good stats for Sunday's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions, which was a difficult task. Finding five bad stats is much, much easier. 

We all saw the game and we all know what happened so I'll make this one short.

0. Number of Chiefs touchdowns. There's not much else to say. If you don't score touchdowns, you don't win games.

3. Full quarters played without Jamaal Charles. This is probably the worst situation for KC which is a lot considering all the turmoil going on right now. With Charles, you hold out the slightest ray of hope that the Chiefs can be competitive this season. Without him? Uh...

6. Turnovers by the Chiefs offense. They had 14 all of last year and, as the KC Star noted this morning, they're on pace for 72 this season which would of course be an NFL record. 

3. Number of fourth quarter touchdowns by the Lions. The game was over by this point but Todd Haley said throughout training camp that the Chiefs would be the better conditioned team. That means they should be the stronger team in the fourth quarter, which obviously didn't happen.

48. Really?

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