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Todd Haley Says Chiefs Need To Make 'A Bunch Of Changes'

The Kansas City Chiefs were, once again, thoroughly dominated in a regular season game. Last week it was a 41-7 loss to the Buffalo Bills and just about an hour ago the Chiefs Week 2 game wrapped up and the final had the Detroit Lions on top, 48-3.

Just bad. Really bad. And Todd Haley knows it. Like last week, he said after the game that he takes responsibility for the team's performance and suggested that there needs to be changes in how they're doing things.

"Once again I will take responsibility for the performance of our team," Haley said, "and we have to make, clearly, a bunch of changes here in what we're doing in order to have a chance to be ready to play this week against San Diego on the road.

"I thought the guys put everything they had into it," Haley continued. "We had some opportunities early in the game to get the thing going in the direction we wanted it to go, and we weren't able to finish those plays, make those plays, stay out of a penalty situation. All things again that I think if we just do a better job of working at it during the week and obviously we have to carry it into the game to have a chance to start moving into being a good team because, right now, we're not."

I'm past talking about what the team needs to do in order to, at the very least, be competitive. It's time, or two weeks past the time, that the Chiefs need to start showing it.

(H/T 810 WHB for playing Haley's post-game presser)

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