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Fantasy Football Week 2: Start 'em/Sit 'em For Kansas City Chiefs

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I apologize for the lateness of today's article but nonetheless here is your weekly Fantasy Football Update for Week 2. Last week we had a good week overall and there was some lively debate in the comments section. One guy you were told to start for instance was Brandon Marshall, despite some QB concerns, and he did very well getting you at least 13 points in most leagues and more in PPR leagues. A guy I mistakenly advised you to sit was Jermaine Gresham, who scored a TD against the Browns. Let's check out this week's matchups for our Chiefs and around the league.

Do not forget that you should always start guys who you consider to be your "stud" players. For instance, I own Chris Johnson and he has a difficult matchup with the Ravens this week, but I firmly believe you must play those guys no matter what (and no matter how bad Tennessee is).

First up, the Chiefs:

Start 'em:

Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe: JC as mentioned is a must start every week. You most likely drafted Bowe as your #1 or #2 receiver. Unless you are extraordinarily deep at WR you have to start him. Yes the QB has struggled and the offense has yet to show much in 5 1 game(s) but he is too much of a big play guy to leave on the bench.

Sit 'em:

Matt Cassel: I do not think I am going to have to sell anyone at AP on this one. Progress is key and against this D let's hope we see it.

All other WR's and TE's: Someone has to prove they will be able to step up and be a second option. Breaston had a nice catch last game, but you are not looking for one nice catch. You need more and we need to see more from all of these guys.

Dexter McCluster: Same as above, we did not really get to see how Dex will be used in an actual competitive football game. It's not to say he can't do it, it's too risky for a starting spot right now. I'd love for him to change that though.

Ryan Succop and the Defense: In year 1, Succop was automatic. He is still very good, but if you are in a 10-12 team league there has to be somebody better available right now. As a must start he isn't a bad option, but it could be better. Our team Defense has one redeeming quality and it's only if your Special Teams are combined with Defense. Until we can stop anyone, it's on the bench the defense will stay.

Around the League

Start 'em

Joe Flacco (BAL): Like the matchup with Tennessee. Luke McCown was able to ove the ball well on them and I think Flacco is a step up and the Ravens are one of the best all around teams in the NFL.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF): Another guy I shouldn't have to sell you on. I think the Oakland run D will be tough and it will be up to Fitz to attack a questionable secondary. I think he gets it done and leads the Bills to 2-0.

James Starks (GB): You might have been like me and drafted Ryan Grant. With more carries going to Starks and Grant's health an issue, Starks should carve up a Panthers D without their best LB for the season.

Tim Hightower (WAS): I have a lot of time on my hands and I am in 5 leagues. I have Hightower in 4 of them. I think he showed his mettle against the Giants last week and should be able to keep the Skins attack mixed against Arizona.

Mario Manningham (NYG): He might be worth a start regardless, but with Hakeem Nicks unlikely to be a contributor Mondy, Manningham is poised to be a big target Monday Night.

Stevie Johnson (BUF): Probably could have mixed it up but I think it's specifically Johnson and not Jones or Chandler who will get the lion's share of the catches and yards. Oakland is going to have trouble with him.

Aaron Hernandez (NE): He is as valuable as most receivers. He is getting close to "stud" characterization. He and Gronkowski should have success in the middle against San Diego.

Kellen Winslow (TB): You won't see this much. But I think Minnesota has trouble with tough TEs and I think Winslow will get the job done for you if you are torn in terms of who to use.

Alex Henery (PHI): Indoors, team should score a bunch but not be overpowering. Should lead to some quality FG chances.

Indianapolis (DEF): Yes this sounds crazy I admit, but picking the Steelers isn't fun. If you have a D with a bad matchup, you could do a lot worse than Indy who should shut down an anemic Cleveland offense. Colt will sling it around, he just has nobody to throw it to that's reliable. Colts get it done unlike last week.

Sit 'em

Colt McCoy (CLE): Same reasoning as above. Browns were a trendy pick this season, and it's only one week, but they are on shaky ground on offense.

Jason Campbell (OAL): Why? Because he stinks. And Oakland stinks. So there you have it. If you are relying on this guy, just log off your league website and don't come back.

Mark Ingram (NO): Love this kid. Not this week. Tough two defenses to start the career against.

DeAngelo Williams (CAR): He and Cam will be brought down to earth by the champs.

A.J. Green (CIN): Denver still has a lot of questions on D, but I'd feel a lot more comfortable if I knew Gradkowski were throwing the passes instead of Dalton.

Steve Smith (CAR): Hello Steve Smith. This is 2011 reality speaking. Nice to meet you.

Todd Heap (ARI): Washington is tough enough that Kolb will have trouble finding his TE. I like the Cards WRs though.

Scott Chandler (BUF): Anyone see this guy last week???? Neither did McGraw and Sabby. Back to old Scottie.

Rob Bironas (TEN): Always a threat from long range, but Baltimore should not let them anywhere near the end zone.

San Francisco (DEF): One week after getting the nod with the start in this column, they should be on the bench as Dallas' offense is just too dangerous. Points aplenty here.

Well there you have Week 2's Start 'em/Sit 'em. I'll be back tomorrow morning to give you the Closing Line and provide you with any advice you may need in the gambling/fantasy world.

If you have specific player questions, please post them in the thread and I will get to them!

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