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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

I hope that you all are having a great Friday leading up to Chiefs Sunday.  So far my Friday has been going pretty good.  I then started to recap the week and it brought down my mood a bit.  We had a couple big losses this last week.  If the Chiefs show up this Sunday I'm hoping it can be a close game.

There was a lot going on this week so if you think you missed something then please follow along.  The Chiefs made quite a few roster moves this week.  There is a great fanshot and fanpost to highlight.  A year ago today you will see that maybe being the underdog isn't all that bad.

Five Biggest Stories

1. Eric Berry Injury Update: Kansas City Chiefs Safety Out For Season

This really hurts the team in more than one way.  Berry is so valuable to the team.  I honestly think that since he is such a hard worker and a rare physical specimen that he will recover and be just fine.  I'm not going to go into the hit because that's been dissected more than a frog in high school zoology class.  We just have to hope that our other safeties can work together and overcome such a huge loss.

2. Kansas City Chiefs Get Blown Out By Buffalo Bills In Week 1

This is another story that just made me upset.  In my opinion I think that most NFL games week one were just weird.  I watched a lot of games and there were a few teams that just looked lost--including the Chiefs.  I'm not sure how much the lockout affected things but I wish it were a normal year leading up to the season.  This game was just unacceptable in my book.  However, I realize that games like this do happen to every team every once in a while.

3. Chiefs Place Eric Berry On IR, Make Five Other Moves

I will list the moves here for the lazy AP users.  The obvious is that we placed Berry on IR.  We then brought back S Reshard Langford.  We then add FB Shane Bannon and OL Butch Lewis to the practice squad.  We made room for those two by released practice squad members TE Kyle Nelson and OL Lucas Patterson.

4. Chiefs Release 7th Round Pick Shane Bannon

Well Shane Bannon's time was short lived from story 3 to 4.  We really don't need another FB so it was probably a smart move for the Chiefs who need help in other areas.

5. Chiefs Bring Back TE Anthony Becht; Waive 2009 Seventh Round Pick

Well we know that Becht was probably the most excited person this year with this news.  I think that with Moeaki on IR we need all the help we can get at TE.  I'm not sure that O'Connell was the answer.  Another good move by the Chiefs.

In Case You Missed It...

1. Ramblings of and Idiot: Triumphant Return Edition

Another good post by Texas Chief.  As of now there are 56 comments and I deem that too low for such a good post.  I'm not going to give it away so just click the link.  I might not always agree with Texas Chief but he does know what he is talking about.

2. Chiefs Vs. Lions: The Opening Line

I'm not sure what we would do without Steve_in_RI.  We have these great weekly posts telling us the opening lines in Vegas.  He also has some great posts over how the media ranks us in various media outlets.  Thanks Steve_in_RI for giving the Vegas people their fix.

Fanpost Of The Week

We can Win, A Silver lining in the schedule? by cansoko

I thought I would highlight a good post by a newish user this week.  Cansoko has posted a lot in the last month or so.  He has had some criticism but still continues to post.  This is what I love about AP.  Users that give us their opinions and some great posts.  Thanks cansoko for keep on posting.  We really do value your opinions and effort.

Fanshot Of The Week

Food For Thought by Aiken_Drum

It is pretty bad that Aiken's fanshot is longer than a lot of people's fanposts.  That is just how great Aiken is with his thoughts and posts.  I won't give away much about this one but trust me it is a good read if you missed it.

A Year Ago Today...

Cleveland Browns Favored Against The Kansas City Chiefs

This goes to show you that even after a win against a good team (Chargers) we still end up being the underdogs going on the road.  That was the case last year.  Even if we won this last Sunday do you honestly think we would be favored against the Lions who had a good week?  We are the Chiefs and we are used to be the dogs.  We just have to overcome and show the nation that Chiefs Will.

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